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Marmots, Choughs and Edelweiss

~ Saturday, 12th September 2009

July is always talked about as the best month for alpine flora. Possibly true, but even now in September there are some delightful plants around that are not likely to be seen in July. Edelweiss, for example has been flowering for a little while in an area near to Arolla and more are present eachtime I pass.

Near to the Cabane des Dix last week, at 2900 metres I saw several Dwarf Eyebrights, Tender Gentians, Alpine Poppies and species of Bellflower. Mossy and Musky Saxifrage are still flourishing high in amongst dry rocks and gravel.

Marmots seem to be getting ready for hibernating. I have seen alot lately, basking in the sun, not to phased by human prescence. They are normally seen tearing across the hillside after the safety of their burrows! I have seen a few Bouquetin and Fox footprints in patches of fresh snow recently, very high on the Pigne d' Arolla.

Sightings are not common of the animals themselves, but it is nice to see that they are around and one hopes of a chance glimpse. A pair of Fox eyes, early one morning whilst still dark is the best sighting I've had ths season!!

The delightful Choughs are still plentiful, I even managed to get a couple of shots of one last week. Alpine Accentors and Snow Finches are around still, but much harder to photograph!  Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed it.