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Ollie goes to the Dix hut.

~ Tuesday, 24th August 2010

Hello, I'm Ollie. I've been spending the last few weeks in Switzerland with my Mum and Dad. Dad's guiding here and Mum and I have been enjoying lots of time biking, walking and climbing with friends.


Mum and Dad have been keen all summer to take me on a mini holiday from Arolla over to the Cabane des Dix. Luckily for me we got the weather to do this whilst Dad had some time off this week.       

 I was keen to walk quite a bit, if I could, but Dad had my backpack with him and he was happy to carry me whenever the ground got a bit rough or steep. They did seem to keep bribing me though with chocolate buttons to keep walking!!                                       On the way up to the Pas de Chevres Mum found a great place for us to have lunch. Near a small river, under the beautiful Pigne d'Arolla, we stopped for a good rest and food.

Dad had carried me for a while to get here, so I think he wanted a rest aswell. He keeps taking photos aswell, mostly of me, but often of flowers. I must admit many of them are very pretty.                                                     After lunch I walked a bit further, then Dad gave me a lift. I think they were both keen to make up a bit of time.   I didn't mind, it gave me a great chance to enjoy the great scenery, look at the flowers and try to spot the squeaky Marmots.                                                    After a bit more walking and the chance to throw a few snowballs we arrived at the Pas de Chevres. This was the bit I was most excited about. Mum and Dad had a plan of how to look after me using the rope and with my  super DMM harness and helmet I was really safe.                       Dad was tied to the rope aswell and he climbed down the ladder just below me. Mum kept us both safe using a belay at the top.     


 The ground was quite rough at the bottom and all the excitement of the ladders was leaving me a bit tired, so Dad got me up on his back again for the hike acorss the glacier and up to the hut.  

Wow, what a great place this is! Great views of Mont Blanc de Cheilon. Dad got me to bring a paper over for the Guardian, Pierre. He said that would get me into his good books. He seems like a nice bloke and he very kindly gave us a room to ourselves. Now that's what you call Swiss hospitality!!   

 Even better, I thought, was the choice of beds we could have. I had to check them all out first to see which was the bounciest! Dad though said that I had to sleep on one of the bottom bunks, they're cooler apparently!   We got really well fed tonight, loads of pasta, which is my favourite and some meaty things.

In the morning we got up quite late, or atleast Dad thought it was quite late, and had a great breakfast. 

Loads of hot chocolate. I wasn't to keen on the muesli, but the bread and jam was great. Dad reckons it's the best way to start any alpine day. I'd be happy with just the hot chocolate!!

 Before we left the hut, Pierre got his staff together for a group  photo. It was quite warm outside and Mum and Dad let me walk down the path below the hut and across the glacier by myself. It was fun, Mum held my hand whilst I jumped across all the streams that were flowing on the ice. Dad says that the glaciers are melting really quickly all over the Alps. I hope they don't disappear too soon, I've spotted a few routes that I'd like to do around here!!                    The ladders at the Pas de Chevres were fun again this morning, really easy going up. I walked alot of the way back to Arolla. Dad kept stopping to photograph flowers and point out the interesting ones to me. I liked these Edelweiss the most.

I can't wait until next year, hopefully we can come back and go to other huts aswell. Thanks Mum, thanks Dad. Ollie XX.