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Wonderful sightings at the Spinnies

~ Thursday, 2nd February 2012

The Spinnies, a North Wales Wildlife Trust reserve is one of my favourite places to go on a nice day off after dropping my son off at school, or a few hours before picking him up. I went there yesterday for the first time this year and wow, was it worth it? The light around the reserve is always changing throughout the year, but generally, on a bright day there is always somewhere good for seeing and photographing birds, animals or flowers. I had a great view of a Stoat yesterday which was delightful. I haven't seen one in years. On the way back to my car I came across what looked like an Autumn Crocus. My books suggested that it is probably a Spring Crocus, "Crocus vernia", which was a first for me. I visited the Spinnies earlier today, to tak eadvantage of the sun in a good position and was truly treated to a great sighting of a Water Rail. Another first for me and it just kept coming back to near the hide. It was wary, which is in their nature, but I managed some great shots without spooking it. Thank you Nikon for your quiet mode!! If you're going there for a look, then take a flask, it's chilly and well worth waiting an hour or so. Other sightings today included a Bullfinch, Nuthatch, Little Egrets often getting surprised landing on ice,  Snipe, Redshank, various tits and finches and Snowdrops.