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The Alps so far. Summer 2013.

~ Friday, 9th August 2013


 The summer in the alps so far this year has been a very good one. Deep snow left over from a heavy winter forced us to climb some lower level routes early in the season. Traverses of Gastlosen and the Mirroir d’Argentine are absolute classics on beautiful limestone.As the conditions in the higher mountains improved, good snow conditions were enjoyed on routes like the Bluemlisalp traverse and the Jungfrau. Some of the high rock ridges were slow to clear of snow, but I got lucky on the South ridge of the Lagginhorn and the North ridge of the Rimpfischhorn. The Pigne d’Arolla and Mont Blanc de Cheilon, local peaks for me were also in very good condition.The odd spell of wet weather put a lot of snow down at higher altitudes, all very good for the mountains and glaciers, but it meant that we had to wait for some routes. A trip to the Oberland was  rewarded with a wonderful traverse of the Mittellegi ridge on the Eiger and a rather loose traverse of Trugberg. Not a route I can highly recommend I’m afraid.Earlier this week, the Gouter route on Mont Blanc was in fantastic nick. A night in the new Gouter hut saw us up on top of the Blanc before the sun rose!! Wonderful and not too cold. All in all a very good first half of the summer. Thanks to all those who have climbed with me and enjoy your memories. Andy.