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  • A Fortnight in the Haute Maurienne. April 2014.

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A Fortnight in the Haute Maurienne. April 2014.

~ Sunday, 20th April 2014

Two weeks of ski touring recently in the Haute Maurienne in the French alps proved to be the best for a few years. The spring snow conditions were superb and safe. Avalanche worries were virtually zero, the glaciers were solid and the quality of the descents were as good as they get in the alps. This part of the alps is wonderful, scenery is great, birdlife can be special( Lammergeier, Eagles) and the huts are very hospitable.

The glacier crossing between the Carro and Evettes hut was in very good condition both weeks. The often dangerous slope leading to the Col de Trieves was super safe. From the Evettes hut there are plenty of options for good day tours, Pointe Tonini proved to be a fun simple mountaineering adventure, a great view point and a gave a great ski back down to the Plan des Evettes. We managed one crossing of L’Albaron to the Averole hut. This was in very good condition also, not tobusy, airy but easy and the spring snow on the Averole side was a pure delight. Pointe Marie and Col d’Arnes gave us good day tour options on the final days aswell with some superb snow on the descents.

All in all a fabulous fortnight. Many thanks to Kerstin, James, Pam, Karen, David and Jeremy for the first week and to Jez, Phil, Khalid, Tim and Noel for the second.