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Mont Blanc

~ Friday, 17th July 2009

I was working for a good friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, Simon Abrahams, for an ascent of Mont Blanc.

Simon had pulled together an airtight group of lads, who were super keen, fit, good fun and prepared for some hard work.

We acclimatised in the Val d'Herens, on the Pigne d'Arolla. This area is great for high mountain training. The huts are superb, the hills are quiet and the walks through the valley pastures are as colourful with flowers as anywhere else in the Alps.

Mont Blanc was in fantastic condition. It was warm, the snow was good and the Grand couloir was pretty safe. We summited in good time and spent a very comfortable half an hour or so there enjoying the views and resting before the long haul back down!

Many thanks to Pete Clark, Doug Reid, Alex Corkill, Keith Jones and Simon for a great week.