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Bouquetins and Wallcreepers

~ Sunday, 9th August 2009

Mother nature is still producing some fine sightings here. Last week whislt descending from the Mischabel hut I came across a small clump of what I think is a Christs Eyebright. Not sure about this, but I'm positive that is is an Eyebright. There were also a few clumps of King of the Alps or Eritrichium nanum amongst he rocks.

Not far below we had a great sighting of four Bouquetins. They were pretty mellow, enjoying the late morning sun and didn't seem too phased by our prescence.

This week produced the most exciting sight so far this summer for me. On L'Eveque, just below the summit ridge I was amazed to see a Wallcreeper fluttering around in the breeze. I've never seen them in this area before and I think it might have been blown down on the strong northerlies during the previous day, possibly from the western Oberland limestone areas. I hope it managed to find its way home!