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The Natural World of the Alps

This guided walking tour aims to lead you through meadows and glaciers to seek out some of the Alps finest natural wonders. Botanists, bird watchers and nature photographers will love this week. I aim to lead you into wilder alpine terrain where arctic alpine plants thrive, mountain birds soar and tracks in the snow leave you wondering “where has that gone?”

This privately guided tour is best run over a week. This allows for changes in our location, acclimatisation and time to just look! My alpine guiding skills will keep you safe whilst we venture onto glaciated terrain crossing from one valley to another. The blooming meadows give way to arctic alpines struggling for a foothold on screes and moraine. The glaciers give you a wonderfully beautiful journey to the next explosion of colour. En route birds and animals might give a pleasant surprise.

You will require a reasonable level of hill walking fitness for this week. This tour is based in the Val d’ Herens, Switzerland.

The Natural World of the Alps. 6 days £700 per person. Price covers guides fee and hut costs.

Minimum of 3 people required.

Dates are kept flexible to suit you. The best time for this tour is between June and August. I recommend that you contact me either via email or phone to check availability and make a booking.