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LLAMFF Mountain Photography Workshop


LLAMFF Mountain Photography workshop.

Andy Teasdale.

5th and 6th March 2016.

Cost £40.00.

The mountains provide us with a wealth of wonderful photographic opportunities. From wide atmospheric vistas to close up detail, every mountain environment has plenty to offer the enthusiastic photographer.

This one day workshop looks at two aspects of photography that are essential to successful image making. The first is the camera itself. How we use our camera is often dictated by our knowledge of its settings. How much do we want the camera to do for us? How does the camera know what I want to photograph? What effect am I after? So many questions where the answers lie outside of the cameras “auto” mode.

The second aspect of the day will be out in a suitable photographic location. We need to learn to see, watch, design, construct and ultimately capture an image that we are pleased with. Having learnt how to drive our cameras we can now use them with much more creative control. We will learn how to create images that we want to capture and not leave everything up to our camera, hoping that the end result is good enough.

To get the most out of today I recommend you bring the following with you. Some of the items are a little specialised, they are nice to have, but please don’t worry if you don’t have them.

Notebook and pencil.

Camera, fully charged spare battery, memory cards, filters, instructional manual. If you don’t have a hard copy, download it to your phone from the manufacturers website.

Tripod and remote release.

Waterproof and warm clothing. Walking boots.

Rucsac or suitable bag to carry everything in.

Food and drink.

Sense of humour, patience!!

Please contact Andy Teasdale on 01286 872292, 07879818345 or for further information and booking details.